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That's all there is to it. You'll receive your AT&T Promotion Card within 2‑3 weeks from the time we receive your device.

Complete a Buyback with your Old Device

Value is determined by make, model, and condition. All devices - regardless of manufacturer, carrier, or date purchased - are considered.

Get an AT&T Promotion Card

When you recycle your old gear, you get an AT&T Promotion Card good towards the purchase of AT&T products and services.

Keep the Credit or Donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers

You can choose to donate the value of the AT&T Promotion Card to Cell Phones for Soldiers, an AT&T designated charity.

No Fees - Shipping and Postage are FREE!

That's right, the AT&T Buyback Program has no hidden fees and no additional costs to you. Plus, we pay all shipping costs.

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Most Buyback transactions take about 2-3 weeks to complete.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T guarantee the Buyback value of my device?

As long as you accurately describe the condition of your device and we receive it in the condition stated, you will receive the quoted Buyback value, or the value will be issued to Cell Phone for Soldiers if you choose that option. However we do inspect all equipment and the final Buyback value may be adjusted if we receive a device in a condition other than what you described.

Can I complete a Buyback at an AT&T Store?

Yes, you can complete your device Buyback and use the instant in-store reward towards a new device, product, or service at all of our company-owned store locations.

How do I erase all the data from my cell phone?

Most cell phone models allow you to erase all the data and reset it to the factory settings. Refer to your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for instructions. Also, make sure to remove any user locks from your cell phone or set the password to 0000.

Do I need to cancel my service or deactivate my cell phone?

You must deactivate all services to your device. AT&T, its vendors, and suppliers are not responsible for previous or subsequent charges accrued before, during, or after you Buyback your device. If you incur any charges, it is your responsibility to pay those charges.

How do I find my cell phone's IMEI/ESN number?

Most cell phones have the IMEI or ESN number located on a sticker underneath the battery. If your cell phone is GSM (most AT&T and T-Mobile phones) you can also press the following keys one by one: *#06# (star, pound, zero, six, pound). As you press the last #, your phone's IMEI number will appear on screen.

How can I tell if my cell phone has been water damaged?

Most cell phones have a water damage indicator underneath the battery. If this red dot that has "bled" beneath your battery it is an indication that it has come in contact with moisture or water.

Who pays for shipping?

We do! Once you have received the quoted Buyback value of your device and accepted the credit offer, print out the supplied prepaid USPS mailing label. There is NO cost for you to ship your device.

What do you do with my old wireless device?

If your device is in working condition or can be repaired, we make sure it goes to a place where it can be reused. If it is broken beyond repair, we recycle it using the most environmentally friendly methods currently available.

Do you keep my information safe and private?

We will never sell or give your information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Do you accept broken or damaged devices?

Some broken or damaged devices still have enough value for us to pay you for them. If not, we will gladly accept them for recycling.

What if my device isn't listed?

Try the Quick Search using the common name. For example, type "Inspire" or "Infuse". If your device is still not listed, please Contact Us. Make sure to include the device manufacturer and model. We will add it to our system and notify you by email when it has been added so that you can continue the Buyback process.

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Can I get my device back once I send it in to the Buyback program?

Unfortunately, once you send it to us, we are unable to send it back to you.

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Additional Information

View Terms and Conditions. Please be aware; returning device to the Buyback Program does NOT relieve your obligation related to AT&T Next, Warranty or other Return and Exchange Programs. Do not send devices that are to be returned under the AT&T's Return and Exchange Policy,AT&T Next, Warranty, or Extended Warranty programs.
Please remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information before sending in your equipment.

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